We want to be able to pass on the word about how amazing this program can be to everyone. We would also like it if any donations (monotary, material, or mentor) can be made to the FIRST Team 60 community club. These donations do make a difference no matter how small they are.

As a community club that is constantly in motion, we need as much community help that can be offered. We would appreciate it if any donations can be made to us. A business letter is attached and can be accessed through the button below. We also meet at Kingman High School G Building department every day of the week during build season (Dates and Times may change please e-mail or check our schedule for more info). Currently as we are in off-season mode, we will be meeting Sunday's at 4pm-6pm, Tuesday's at 6pm-8pm, and friday's at 6pm-8pm. There is a lot to do in a small amount of time.